The software package VENECIA is the next generation of the code Vincenta offering more flexible and general application and significant innovations given rise from 10 years experience of thermal hydraulic simulations for large magnet systems (ITER, KSTAR, JT-60 and validation of code by cryogenic tests of Central Solenoid Model Coil. 
Based on the original modelization approach first implemented in Vincenta, VENECIA enables numerical simulation of transient behavior of superconducting magnet systems as whole making allowance for… Read more


The code "HeatFlux-Surface" have been developed for the numerical simulation of the heat transfer into the multilayer targets impacted by the high energy fluxes of different character: by electron beams, which penetrate a target and release their energy volumetrically; as well as by a-particles or laser beams, which interact with a target surface only. Read more 

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