Polyimide Tapes

Polyimide tape is known as high temperature tape or polyimide tape. It is made of polyimide film with heat resistant silicone adhesive to with stand temperature up to 260°C(500°F ). 

Properties: Excellent chemical and radiation resistance, can remove cleanly without leaving an adhesive residue after processing, excellent physical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperature from -269°C(-452°F) to 260°C(500°F). 

Application: This tape can be used as a gold finger mask of printed circuit boards during wave soldering. It also can use in flexible circuitry, as good insulation material for traction motor, transformer, cable, and capacitor and as bar code labels on the PCB.


Purposes: applying to various cables, spacer layer, non-flammable layer, fireproof layer and industrial layer, also applying to insulated tape for electric machine and electric appliance.

Performance: very strong tension, can not be folded and broke, anti-sulfuration, low smoke, non-halogen, non-toxic, noncombustible in pure oxygen, good insulation. Especially applying to non-flammable cables, fireproof cables, low smoke non-halogen cables, marine cables, cables for mining purposes, non-flammable crosslinking cables and large-size cables winding, it has a considerable use value, easy to wind, is not affected by temperature difference and humidity, and it is the optimum winding and covering material for non-flammable, fireproof wires and cables. It is wrapped using soft packing materials, covering with a plastic film bag, packed in a corrugated paper box. This product should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated room. 

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