The ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of non arching electrical heat resisting boards called PROMETEUS, fiber glass products, pultrusion rods, angles, channels, and molded fiber glass components.

Since its establishment in 1994, ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES has witnessed a remarkable growth. Over the years, the enterprise has developed an expertise, which has allowed it to reach unequaled heights. It's the innovations, the expertise and above all the quality of personnel that enables it to take challenges of the modern industry.

Knowing that the expertise and success of the enterprise depend above all on the confidence shown by its customers, ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES continues to offer a personalized service which reflects the spirit of collaboration towards which is work.

  • The Product: Non arching electrical insulating sheets PROMETEUS. Non arching electrical insulating, PROMETEUS, is a high grade arc and heat resisting material produced from specially selected and prepared asbestos fiber and cement formed into boards under high pressure
  • Size of the Sheets: 2,4 m x 2 m. A fully equipped machine shop is available for the supply of cut and drilled sheets and fully machined parts to individual requirements
  • Available Thickness: Ranges from 1 mm to 75 mm and can go up to 200 mm for special purposes
  • Description: ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES boards are manufactured from specially selected asbestos fiber and cement formed into fully compressed boards under high pressure. Mechanically strong, these boards possess good arc and heat resisting characteristics. In view of the relatively high water absorption, where these boards are used, they are liable to absorb water, reduction in electrical insulation (which may be severe, should be recognized)
  • Appearance: Light grey in colour with smooth sanded surface
  • Temperature Classification: ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES boards can withstand a continuous temperature up to 350 C. (for PROMETEUS-300).
  • Machineability: ALPHYSICA-LAMINATES boards can be easily machined by normal engineering methods provided certain, simple precautions are observed. A comprehensive technical service is available to customers seeking advice on the choice of material and its subsequent machining for customers wishing to purchase machined components to drawings or specifications; the highest standards of accuracy and quality are assured.


  • Insulation: Electrical collars and bushing, float glass assembly tops, floor insulation for hot slabs in railroad cards, gas analyzing machines, gaskets, glass tank bottoms, heat pads, heat sealing machines, heat treatment plants, high volume backing ovens hoods, HVAC expansion valve dryer/insulation, infrared heat backing insulated mold boards in foundries, lab furnaces, lead melting furnaces
  • Foundry: Core molding plates, core drying plates flask liners, induction furnaces castings
  • Glass: Chamber wall linings, glass forming tubes, neon molding jigs, tank bottom insulation steam cabinet parts, steel splash pads, support for heating elements, textile drying ovens
  • Iron and Steel Making: Concrete floor protection, ladle covers, rotary kilns, runners, troughs, runner covers, steel ladles, torpedo car linings, insulating truck beds carrying billets, etc.
  • Lime and Cements Plants: Backup insulation in rotary kilns
  • Marine: Incombustible base for melamine or aluminum veneers & wall papers, marine application for divisional bulk heads and linings
  • Molding: Injection molding, molded insulation press plastic plated press. plywood plated press, rubber plated press, pallet supports used during oven drying, vacuum forming ovens.
  • Non Ferrous: Baffles, basins, distribution and pouring boxes, distribution plate, electrical insulation, feed boards, filter boxes, floats and spouts, head boxes, headers, holding furnace lining, hot tops and ingot mold liners, launders, orifice plates, pot insulation, plugs, rings, skimmer dams, stopper pins, tips, snouts, transition plates, trough linings
  • Power Generation: Cable trays, pipe support systems, fire protection
  • Ceramics: Kiln car bottoms, oven drying plates and pallets
  • Electrical Insulation: Aluminium smelting, arc shields, braking resistance grids, collars and bushing, component mounting plates, fuse gear, hot wire cutting equipment, supports and housing, switchgear assemblies, terminal boxes and strips, transformer spacers, welding systems
  • Utility Application: Chutes and conveyance ducts, clutch plates, food storage cold slabs, fume hood liners, gaskets/bushing, guide stops, load bearing pipe supports, machine guards, paint booths, personnel protection, press plates, radiator enclosure, splash guards/shields
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