Cu-Nb, Cu/Cu-Nb and  CuFe conductors

Nanostructured Cu-Nb wires is a new class of electro technical conductors. These conductors are characterized by a unique combination of high mechanical strength and high conductivity. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) higher than 1900 MPa and conductivity higher than 70% IACS (International annealed Copper Standard), where 100% IACS is 1.7241 μΩ • cm. read more


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We supply materials and conductors for the best magnet systems in the world: thermonuclear reactor (Cadarache, France), 100 Tesla magnet system in NHMFL (Florida, USA) and others.
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Modelling of magnetostatic, electrostatic, thermostatic fields, stationary current distribution read more

About Us

Our company specializes in calculations to optimize electrophysical and electrotechnical apparatus by development and creation complex coupled numerical models (incl. 3D). read more